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Turner Accounting & Technology  Group offers a variety of accounting/bookkeeping plus accounting systems implementation services covering almost every need of modern businesses. Learn more about our services below.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping & accounting services assure your company’s compliance with requirements of applicable laws, financial reporting standards, film production budgets, production payroll, financial reporting regulations, rules, contracts, or grants, and can pave a road to your company’s success.

QuickBooks Setup/Clean & 3rd Party Applications Setup


We will setup your accounting software customized to match your business needs. We use QuickBooks, Xero, NetSuite, Tsheets, Expensify, Invoice2go, Bill.com and others.

Consulting & CFO  Services

Consulting & CFO services provide strategic thinking and advice on the most valuable ways to enhance your business effectiveness that TATG can offer to its clients (including business advisory,P/T Controller and Accounting Consultant).



Turner Accounting & Technology Group provides affordable remote/onsite accounting and accounting systems implementation services. Our P/T CFO services is a very cost effective way to transition without draining your internal resources.

P/T CFO Services


From startup to  strategy through execution, TATG’s CFO services helps clients build their next competitive advantage. Without breaking the piggybank!


Working closely with you onsite and offsite to ensure you exceed your accounting, bookkeeping, financial reporting and other business systems needs

ERP Systems

Our accounting systems implementation systems experts will customize ERP systems to satisfy your financial reporting needs and data security needs

More Automation for your ERP

Companies often find additional need and requirements for there erp system. In this case we look to reliable 3rd party software that runs seemlessly in side of your accounting software.



Expensify     (And others)

Business Management


Our business management services provide companies and the individuals who run them with tools and strategies to improve operations and plan for the future.

Financial Planning


We help film production studios by managing film production budgets, financial reporting onsite/offsite.


We are passionate about developing long lasting relationships with our clients. Therefore, we will communicate with you frequently and continuously endeavor to add value to your business by patiently understanding your business environment and objectives. As your accounting consultant, we will take a keen interest in helping you achieve your business objectives by identifying weaknesses in your business and pointing you in the right direction for your company to succeed.